Church Building Consultants is a Chicagoland facilities developer for Christian ministries. We are dedicated to being with you from concept to completion, helping you realize God’s vision for your church. Whether you’re building, relocating, expanding or renovating, we can help. "The LORD said to Moses...I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship, to devise artistic work in every craft...And I have given to all able men ability, that they may make all that I have commanded you...every craftsman in whom the Lord has put skill and intelligence to know how to do any work in the construction of the sanctuary shall work in accordance with all that the Lord has commanded. And Moses called...every craftsman in whose mind the Lord had put skill, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work." (Exodus 31:3-6, 36:1-2 ESV)